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Ceiling Track Lift for Wheelchair Accessibility

At Okanagan Dentistry we strive to create access to dental care for everyone, including those with limited mobility issues and chronic medical conditions.  Many locations claim to be “wheelchair accessible,” which includes installing ramps and elevators in the correct locations so that you can easily get into and out of the building. This is essential, but in the dental office we are faced with another challenge: how do you get from the wheelchair to the dental chair?

To overcome this challenge, we have installed a ceiling track lift in one of our operatories so people with limited mobility can transfer to the dental chair with a sling.  Our ceiling track lift allows wheelchair users to access the dental care they need.

We are proud to be one of the only dental practices in the Okanagan with a ceiling transfer lift equipped operatory!  If you have limited mobility issues and questions about accessibility, please give us a call and we can discuss it with you prior to your appointment.

ceiling transfer lift for wheelchair accessibility