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2022 Spring Newsletter

Read our Spring Newsletter for more information about laser dentistry at Okanagan Dentistry

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2021 Fall Newsletter

Read out Fall newsletter to find out more about our Airflow System.

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2021 Spring Newsletter

Read our 2021 Spring Newsletter for information on teeth whitening in Kelowna at Okanagan Dentistry

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Winter Newsletter

Please read out Winter Newsletter for a COVID-19 update from our office!

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2020 Winter Newsletter

Do you have dental anxiety? Find out about how Nitrous Oxide gas at Kelowna dentist Okanagan Dentsitry can help your dental anxiety!

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2019 Fall Newsletter

Oral Cancer and HPV - self screening

Most women have been taught about breast self-examination, but did you know that we should all be performing regular head and neck…

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2019 Summer Newsletter

Read about Laser Dentistry at Kelowna dental office Okanagan Dentistry.

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2019 Spring Newsletter

Okanagan Dentistry's 2019 Spring Newsletter. Read about what is happening at our office.

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2018 Fall Newsletter

Kelowna dental office 2018 Fall Newsletter. Introducing our new Periodontal Program!

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2018 Spring Newsletter

Our Team is Growing

This summer we will be welcoming Dr. Iain Hart to our team! ┬áIain was born and raised in Kelowna, so it is…

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