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Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

Does the thought of coming to the dentist give you an overwhelming feeling of anxiety? Have you ever cancelled a dental appointment because you were too afraid to go? If you think you are alone, think again! Many of our patients experience these feelings.

Sedation dentistry has helped many of our patients go through their procedures with no discomfort or anxiety. The experience is much easier and afterwards many people even forget that they were ever at the dentist! At Okanagan Dentistry we use oral sedation, which is non-invasive and extremely low risk. Although you will not be completely “put under”, many of our patients do fall asleep. The advantage of this minimal level of sedation is that you can still respond to questions and it is much safer. Please ensure that we have an updated medical history (particularly if you have heart, lung, or liver problems), any prescription medications you are currently taking, and let us know if you are pregnant or nursing.

If you have any of the following oral sedation dentistry may be right for you:

  • A negative dental experience
  • Trouble getting numb/ frozen
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Long appointments

Okanagan Dentistry is also now offering Nitrous Oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas”. Nitrous Oxide is a form of sedation that can help make you more relaxed and comfortable during certain procedures. It also helps keep young children calm during dental visits, so they can receive the treatment they need. Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe, effective, and easily administered. It is inhaled through a mask that fits over your nose, and the intensity of the effect can be easily controlled until the desired amount of sedation is achieved.

 The benefits of Nitrous Oxide sedation during your or your child’s appointment include: 

  • Reduction or elimination of dental anxiety and stress
  • Promotes a positive dental experience
  • Enhanced patient cooperation
  • Easy and painless route of administration
  • Rapid onset
  • Rapid recovery 

In contrast to oral sedatives, the effects of Nitrous Oxide resolve almost immediately as soon as the gas is no longer inhaled.  This means that patients who are busy professionals but suffer from dental anxiety still have an option for sedation that will not affect them for the remainder of the day. It is also very safe for children who may be fearful of unknown dental procedures.

If you think that oral sedation or Nitrous Oxide gas would make your dental appointments easier for you, please call us today!