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Hard and Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting

Have you noticed that your teeth are sensitive to cold near the gumline? Are your gums receding in a way that exposes the root of the tooth? Gum recession is caused by several different things, including periodontal bone loss and aggressive brushing. If you have gum recession often the best option to prevent increased sensitivity, worsening of the recession, and damage to the root surface is to “reverse” the recession using a gum graft.

The type of recession and a variety of other criteria will help us select the type of graft. During the procedure tissue from either the roof of your mouth or from a donor is placed at the site under the gum tissue where the recession is. The receded area is then pulled up over this new grafted tissue to cover the root surface. Over the next few weeks the site heals and the recession is reversed!

Hard Tissue Grafting

Sometimes there are areas of your jaw where there is not enough bone. We can graft a variety of bone producing materials in the area to help your body make new bone.

Some reasons for bone grafting:

  • To increase the height or width of bone in an area where we will be placing a dental implant
  • To improve support and retention of a complete or partial denture
  • To prevent the bone from shrinking away from a site where a tooth is extracted

Ask us if grafting is recommended for any areas of bone loss, potential bone loss, or gum recession.

Grafting Before  (Set 1)
Grafting After (Set 1)
Grafting Before (Set 2)
Grafting After (Set 2)
Grafting Before
Grafting After
Grafting Before
Grafting After
Grafting Before
Grafting After