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Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Do any of your teeth have any of these conditions?

  • Large fillings replacing a tooth cusp or very wide fillings
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Previous root canal therapy without a crown to protect the tooth
  • Single missing teeth with large fillings on the teeth next to the gap

At Okanagan Dentistry, we specialize in providing customized crowns (caps) and fixed bridges to safeguard your teeth from further damage. Teeth with the above conditions are vulnerable to fractures that may be irreparable without intervention.

Achieve a natural-looking smile with porcelain crowns!

While we sometimes recommend gold crowns for non-visible areas, we understand that many individuals prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option. Our porcelain crowns offer comparable strength to gold crowns while seamlessly blending with your natural teeth. In fact, they often enhance the appearance of your teeth, resulting in a smile that looks even better than before!

Discover the benefits of a fixed bridge!

A fixed bridge, also known as a fixed dental prosthesis, serves a dual purpose of crowning the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth and replacing the missing tooth itself. When you have a missing tooth alongside teeth that require crowns, a fixed bridge becomes an ideal solution. Not only does it protect your existing teeth, but it also fills the gap in just one procedure. Moreover, a fixed bridge is a faster and more cost-effective alternative to dental implants for tooth replacement.

Consultation with our expert dentists

To determine whether you require crowns or if you'd like to explore the option of a fixed bridge, reach out to our experienced dentists, Drs. Wiens, Bose-Roberts, or Burlacu. Call us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a healthy, beautiful smile.

Crowns Before (Set 1)
Crowns After (Set 1)
Crowns Before (Set 2)
Crowns After (Set 2)
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns after
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Before: Worn, unesthetic crowns and worn lower teeth
After: Invisalign, crowns, and bonding
Before: Gum disease and teeth requiring extractions
After: Implants and crowns