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Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Do any of your teeth have any of these conditions?

  • Large fillings replacing a tooth cusp or very wide fillings
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Previous root canal therapy without a crown to protect the tooth
  • Single missing teeth with large fillings on the teeth next to the gap

If so, you may need a crown (cap) or fixed bridge to protect these teeth from breaking. Teeth with the above conditions are at risk of fracture, and often these teeth break in a way that we can not fix them afterwards.

I Know People With Gold Caps; I Want White Teeth!

Sometimes we will recommend a gold crown, but usually only in a place where you can not see it in your smile. However, there are many people who will not under any circumstances have a gold crown. In this case, we can certainly make you a porcelain crown that has similar strength to gold and will look just like your tooth. Usually the porcelain crown looks even better than the tooth did before!

What is a Fixed Bridge?

A bridge (or fixed dental prosthesis) is a porcelain and/or gold restoration that both crowns or caps the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth and replaces the missing tooth at the same time. The advantages of a fixed bridge are apparent when you have a missing tooth adjacent to teeth that need crowns. You can both protect those teeth and fill the gap in one procedure. In addition to that, a fixed bridge is a much faster and more cost effective way to replace a missing tooth than a dental implant.

To find out if any of your teeth require crowns or if you have missing teeth and would like to discuss the option of a fixed bridge, call us today to have a consultation with Drs Wiens, Bose-Roberts, or Reimer.

Crowns Before (Set 1)
Crowns After (Set 1)
Crowns Before (Set 2)
Crowns After (Set 2)
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns after
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Crowns Before
Crowns After
Before: Worn, unesthetic crowns and worn lower teeth
After: Invisalign, crowns, and bonding
Before: Gum disease and teeth requiring extractions
After: Implants and crowns