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Mouthguards / Night Guards

Has anyone ever told you that they can hear you grind your teeth at night? Do you ever wake up with sore jaw muscles or an awareness of your teeth? If so you may need a night guard (sometimes called a mouth guard). Night guards protect your teeth from the irreversible damage caused by nighttime grinding. Sometimes they even stop your grinding all together! 

A small percentage of the population are true grinders, which means that they will grind every night no matter what changes are made to their joint position and bite. If you are one of these people, protection from the extremely harmful effects of grinding is essential to avoid broken and severely worn teeth. For others we may choose to diagnose and treat the cause of your grinding if we suspect that you are not actually a true grinder and there is an underlying cause.

We can also fabricate you a custom made sports mouthguard. If you play any sport that involves contact with other players your teeth and jaw joint are at risk of damage. A sports guard will protect your teeth and jaw joints from damage if you have an accident.

Why Choose Custom Made Mouthguards:

You might wonder if a store-bought mouthguard from Wal-Mart would suffice. However, generic mouthguards often come with discomfort and a short lifespan. Some may even worsen teeth grinding. Our professionally made mouthguards offer the following advantages:

  1. Custom Fit: Each mouthguard is tailored to fit your unique dental structure, ensuring comfort and maximum protection.

  2. Durability: Our mouthguards are designed to last longer, providing you with reliable, long-term use.

  3. Minimized Grinding Forces: The careful bite design minimizes grinding forces, promoting better sleep and reduced grinding.

  4. Upper or Lower Teeth Options: Choose a mouthguard that suits your needs, whether it's for your upper or lower teeth.

If you're considering a mouthguard or night guard, consult with Dr. Wiens, Dr. Bose-Roberts, or Dr. Burlacu at Okanagan Dentistry. They will assess your specific needs and recommend the ideal solution for protecting your teeth and jaw health.