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Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth have become more yellow or stained over time? Causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • pop
  • cigarette smoke
  • some foods
  • developmental defects such as fluorosis and tetracycline (antibiotic) staining

Many tooth discolorations can be improved through teeth whitening, giving you a brighter, more vibrant smile!

At your first appointment we will take impressions of your teeth so that customized teeth whitening trays can be made. At your second appointment you will receive your trays along with instructions on how to use the teeth whitening gel at home. After using the whitening trays daily for a specific period of time, you will see a dramatic improvement in the color of your teeth!

If you would like to discuss teeth whitening with Dr. Wiens, Dr. Bose-Roberts or Dr. Reimer please call us to book an appointment.