COVID-19 Safety Information

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PLEASE READ - Emergency Dental Treatment at Okanagan Dentistry

To Our Patients,

Over the past week we have been working very hard to find a way to care for all of your emergency dental needs safely. As the COVID-19 pandemic increases in intensity and urgency, the dental community in Kelowna and across Canada has become increasingly concerned about bringing any patient in the office for any reason.

Not only do we not have access to the appropriate personal protective equipment to keep us from transmitting disease further, we also have concerns that dental treatment generates more "aerosols" than any other medical procedure.

We value every one of you and always endeavour to treat our patients like our family. In addition, all dentists have taken an oath of nonmaleficence, or "do no harm." At this critical time in the disease transmission cycle, there is more risk to you as a dental patient coming into our office than the benefit of relieving even moderate to severe pain if it is not life-threatening.

That being said, we will do everything we can to manage any and all concerns over the phone. We are available at any time to discuss your dental concerns and will manage them to the best of our ability without physical contact. 

Please know that we will be there for our dental family, as always, as we navigate through these uncharted waters. From all of us at Okanagan Dentistry, please stay safe and healthy through this crisis. We will continue to communicate any and all pertinent information with you as soon as we can.

Drs. Evan Wiens, Ian Leitch, Natashia Bose-Roberts, and Jessica Reimer