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In Focus | Maureen

Meet our extraordinary practice coordinator, Maureen! She was born and raised in Kelowna and lives the Okanagan life to the fullest each day.  Our practice is fortunate to have such an incredible individual coordinating the big and small details of everyday life at Okanagan Dentistry.  She is loved by both her patients a co-workers alike!  

 Practice Coordinator Maureen

What led you into a career in dentistry?

Chance!  I had ended my career with Air Canada and friends who were dentists asked me to join their office 23 years ago – I had absolutely no experience!  I feel lucky for the level of trust they had in me.


 Favorite food?

Okanagan peaches


What makes your favourite patient your favourite?

Every patient has a story to tell


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Okanagan beaches.


Tell us something that not everyone may know about you.

 I was a flight attendant for 15 years.


Best piece of life advice?

The most powerful words: “Thank-you” and “Sorry”


3 items you would want on a deserted island.

An unlimited supply of fresh water and yummy food, and my family.


Favorite book

Snow Falling on Cedars – a good movie too!


What is your favourite activity to do in the Okanagan?

Enjoy family, friends, local food and of course local wine.


What has been the most memorable day at Okanagan Dentistry for you?

Every day is memorable.  We have the opportunity to “improve lives through dentistry” and this happens every day!


Stay tuned for the next Okanagan Dentistry In Focus spotlight on Dr. Evan Wiens!

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