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Continuing Education at the Kois Center

Kois Kelowna Dental Office

It’s back to school this month not only for our kids, but for Dr. Wiens! He is spending a week at the Kois Center in Seattle studying the latest cutting edge techniques in the world of dental implants. One of our core values is “excellence” in dentistry by keeping up with the latest technology, science, and research. Pursuing excellence allows Drs. Wiens, Leitch, Bose-Roberts, and Hart to provide the highest quality dentistry to our patients! 

As a Kois philosophy dental office we have earned a reputation for providing long-term solutions to dental problems. We use the highest-quality dental materials in combination with the most advanced dental techniques and technologies to craft a smile that is both durable and cosmetically pleasing. This allows us to provide long-lasting results for our patients! Day in, day out we stive to improve our patients lives through dentistry!

Our dental office is open for evening appointments on Tuesday!

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