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Cold Weather & Dental Pain

Cold Weather and Tooth Pain

Is tooth pain caused by cold weather?

This time of year we see an increase in the number of toothaches and tooth sensitivity at our office as a result of the extremely cold  winter weather. When we experience “polar vortex” temperatures, the cold stimulus to your teeth can sometimes reveal dental issues that were already present that you may have been unconsciously avoiding. If you have one or more of the following symptoms particularly with cold exposure, give our dental office a call:


  • Aching and/or throbbing sensation or a “heartbeat” in a particular tooth

  • A toothache that comes on for no particular reason

  • Dental pain that wakes you up at night

  • A change in the color of a tooth relative to the others


Any of the above may indicate that something is wrong. The best time to deal with a toothache is as soon as possible! If you have any concerns about a toothache, please contact Drs. Leitch, Wiens, and Bose-Roberts at Okanagan Dentistry.


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