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Botox At Okanagan Dentistry

Botox in Kelowna

As we head into the warmer months, you may be thinking again about the effects of sun exposure on your skin. In addition to applying sunscreen, limiting exposure by covering up your skin, you can counteract the effects of sun exposure in our beautiful Okanagan weather is by decreasing the effects that your facial muscles have on your skin.

Botox Cosmetic is a non-invasive way to not only decrease the wrinkles that form on your face from natural facial expression (such as squinting from the sun), but in many cases it can decrease or even eliminate the wrinkles that have already formed!

In addition to treating the effects of facial expression, Botox can also decrease the formation of tension headaches, jaw pain, and tooth clenching. An indirect effect on decreasing muscle activation in the face is the relief of neck and shoulder pain due to muscle tension.

Along with specialized training in administering Botox, Dr. Wiens has much experience using it to improve his patients lives. Extensive training in the head and neck area along with knowledge of facial aesthetics and symmetry put dentists in the perfect position to administer Botox.  As a bonus, we can combine your Botox and dental appointments for your convenience and privacy.

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