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Are You Worried About Gum Recession?

Regular dentist appointments are key to the comfort and longevity of your smile.
Regular dentist appointments are key to the comfort and longevity of your smile.


It’s the topic of conversation these days, RECESSION! Are you worried about recession? We are not talking about economic recession...  

Recession of the gums occurs when there is a gingival defect that results in the root of a tooth or multiple teeth being exposed to the environment. There are multiple causes of recession, including congenital, developmental, or acquired.  Recession may lead to root sensitivity, and teeth looking too long.  Gingival grafting can be indicated in some cases, either to cover the roots or to stop the recession from getting worse! Grafting means we take tissue from either the roof of your mouth, a human or porcine donor, and place the tissue under your gums to thicken and strengthen the area. This process usually takes about 1.5 hours and is done with only local anesthetic. To minimize discomfort, we always make a custom bandaid to protect the roof of your mouth and help with healing.  If you have ever been told you have recession and are curious about grafting, contact our office to book a consultation with Dr. Bose-Roberts!  


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