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2016 Fall Newsletter


Wheelchair accessible dentistry


At Okanagan Dentistry we strive to create access to dental care for everyone, including those with limited mobility…

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Ceiling Transfer Lift for Wheelchair Accessible Dentistry

Our new ceiling transfer lift equipped operatory allows our dentists to provide dentistry to wheelchair users.

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Welcoming Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts

Dr. Leitch and Dr. Wiens are pleased to welcome Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts! As a recent McGill graduate, Dr. Natashia Bose Roberts reflects on her passion for healthcare that has led her into a career as a dentist.

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Introduction of Fort Floss at Okanagan Dentistry

Our playhouse in the reception area now has a name! "Fort Floss!"

Kids love exploring our Dr. Seuss inspired playhouse...they might not want to leave!

Children's dentistry at Okanagan Dentistry starts with a "Happy Visit" for your child's first visit! 

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2016 Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter from Okanagan Dentistry

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BC Children's Hospital Jeans Day

Kelowna dentists Dr. Ian Leitch and Dr. Evan Wiens along with their team are proud to be supporting BC Children's Hospital Jeans Day!

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2016 National Hygienist Week

2016 National Hygienist Week

We are showing our appreciation for our dental hygienists at Okanagan…

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2016 Spring Newsletter



Sleep Appliances


Have you ever wondered why you are always tired? Does your partner comment on how loudly you snore or even sleep in another room to get away from the sound? Has anyone ever heard you…

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2015 Fall Newsletter


Office Expansion!


We have a new and exciting change happening in the New Year Drs. Pada and Salaberry have sold their practice and…

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2015 Summer Newsletter

Recycling Crowns for Charity  


Thank you to all of our patients who have generously donated their old crowns to be recycled. We appreciate you helping towards this fundraiser - it all…

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