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2017 Spring Newsletter


Do you suffer from facial pain?

 Temporomandibular disorder and myofascial pain are two areas in dentistry that are often misdiagnosed and not appropriately treated. At Okanagan Dentistry we are excited that Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts…

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PLEASE READ: Don't tax my health benefits

There is some important legislation that will affect every person with extended health benefits. If we do not act now there will be many people affected by this long term.

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Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts in the spotlight!

Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts in the spotlight! Read this Kelowna Now In Focus article featuring Dr. Bose-Roberts to find out everything…

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2016 Winter Newsletter

Fort Floss   



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Dr. Evan Wiens as UFV's Top 40 Alumni

It was a year ago that Dr. Evan Wiens was nominated as University of the Fraser Valley's Top 40 Alumni.

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Botox in the dental office

Okanagan Dentistry is proud to offer Botox Cosmetic services to our patients. Dentists are in an excellent position to be administering Botox, as they deal with the muscles of facial expressions on a daily basis and have in depth understanding of aesthetic dental and facial treatments. Botox appointments can be combined with your dental treatment for your convenience and privacy.

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2016 Fall Newsletter


Wheelchair accessible dentistry


At Okanagan Dentistry we strive to create access to dental care for everyone, including those with limited mobility…

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Ceiling Transfer Lift for Wheelchair Accessible Dentistry

Our new ceiling transfer lift equipped operatory allows our dentists to provide dentistry to wheelchair users.

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Welcoming Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts

Dr. Leitch and Dr. Wiens are pleased to welcome Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts! As a recent McGill graduate, Dr. Natashia Bose Roberts reflects on her passion for healthcare that has led her into a career as a dentist.

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Introduction of Fort Floss at Okanagan Dentistry

Our playhouse in the reception area now has a name! "Fort Floss!"

Kids love exploring our Dr. Seuss inspired playhouse...they might not want to leave!

Children's dentistry at Okanagan Dentistry starts with a "Happy Visit" for your child's first visit! 

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