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2021 Spring Newsletter

Tash and Becca’s Baby Announcements

 With Spring comes new life, and we have two new lives to acknowledge this season!  Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts and her husband welcomed their second daughter, Madelyn, into their family this month.  Their oldest, Ella, loves being a big sister and is already a pro at cuddling her little sister.

We are also excited to announce the arrival of Eleanora! Our Certified Dental Assistant Becca and her husband welcomed their first little nugget into their family last month.  It appears there is a trend of baby girls so far this year… we wonder who will break the trend with a baby bo

 Dr. Bose-Roberts baby number 2Becca CDA new baby

Polish and Fluoride Insurance Coverage Questions

Part of oral health care and management is attending hygiene appointments that do not include an examination by the dentist. These important sessions provide focused time to complete thorough screenings and assessments ranging from medical screenings, oral cancer screenings, and periodontal screenings. We value this level of precision care because this provides a foundation for diagnosis and planning, learning about your health goals and desires, and gives the opportunity to continue supportive therapies and treatments for you.

 At times we are discovering there is an active disease process which requires remedial treatment. At other times we may view a stable well maintained oral environment and want to give you the tools we can to keep things at this successful level for you. The complexities of periodontal management factor in the procedures of polishing and topical fluoride and thus, your hygienist may recommend a professional polishing and fluoride at these “hygiene only” appointments.

 Polishing and fluoride may not be reimbursed by your insurance at these visits that do not include a dentist exam. Whenever possible we will try to communicate this to you in advance, but despite this we have had some patients surprised that they are not covered for the polish and fluoride application.  Your optimal oral health is our hygienists’ top priority, and they do their best to avoid “insurance-driven” treatment, while also being sensitive to your insurance limits. The best way to learn about your personal insurance details with regards to limits is to call them directly or contact our administration team prior to your appointment.  We welcome any clarification you may need.

 Tooth polishing

Opalescence Whitening System

With the arrival of spring and sunny days, people are noticing their smiles! We have had many questions lately about our whitening options. The most effective long term tooth whitening solution is the at-home whitening kit. These systems cause the least tooth sensitivity and give results that last. At Okanagan Dentistry we provide the Opalescence whitening system in two formats:

1. Opalescence Go: a take-home kit that contains 10 sets of pre-loaded whitening trays. This works very well for people who have teeth that are quite straight - the prefabricated trays fit best when teeth are well aligned. The advantage is you do not have impressions taken of your teeth and you can pick it up from us any time!

 2.  Opalescence PF gel with custom trays: a take-home kit that involves loading whitening gel into a custom tray made specially for your teeth. These kits work well for teeth that are not perfectly aligned. Making these trays is a two appointment process - impressions are taken the first day and the custom trays are inserted on the second appointment. 

If you have any questions about which system is right for you, please ask us at your next appointment!


 Spring Mask Contest


Spring Mask Contest

Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, for the next while wearing masks will still be mandatory in the office.  We thought why don’t we have some fun with masks for the month of April?

We will be having a Spring Mask Contest held from April 1st to April 30th open to all patients coming into the office for appointments.  Come wearing a creative/unique mask and one of our receptionists will take your photo to be entered into a vote for the most UNIQUE mask of the month.  The winner will take home a professional whitening kit to make their Spring even brighter this year!