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2017 Summer Newsletter

We have a lot to celebrate this summer!

Leitch grandbabies 

Dr. Leitch welcomes 2 new granddaughters

Dr. Leitch and his wife welcome 2 new granddaughters, Maeve and Ingrid.  They were born 3 weeks apart in March.  As their family grows bigger, they are going to need more arms to hold all their grandbabies!


Welcome back Lisa

 Our amazing hygienist, Lisa, has returned to our office. Her patients and our team are thrilled to have her back. Everybody loves her kind and caring personality!

 Introducing Chantelle

 We are very excited to add such a vibrant, skilled dental assistant on our team. She makes every day at the office more fun! Please welcome her at your next visit. 


happy 30th anniversary Melanie  Happy 30th anniversary Melanie!

What a milestone! Melanie has been part of our team for 30 years. Her calm and gentle approach with her patients is the reason she has so many raving fans. And combined with her dedication to providing top quality dental cleanings, makes her a shining star. We are so proud to have Melanie part of our team. Next time you are in the office, wish her a happy anniversary. 

Antibiotics and dental care

For many years, antibiotics have been prescribed freely for any possible infection, in addition to the prescription of antibiotic “coverage” for many procedures with little evidence of their efficacy. This practice in the medical profession has resulted in the development of many antibiotic resistant strains.

 At Okanagan Dentistry, we strive for more responsible, evidence based prescription of antibiotics to both prevent further development of resistant bacteria and avoid unnecessary side effects whenever possible. Ask us about our philosophy at your next appointment!



Botox in dentistry

 For years, the administration of Botox for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes has been restricted to physicians. In the last 10 years, it has become widely accepted that dentists are some of the most qualified medical professionals to be administering Botox.  Dental training involves a comprehensive education on head and neck anatomy, pharmacology, and painless injection techniques.

 Dr. Wiens has been providing Botox therapy for many patients in our practice, in both cosmetic and therapeutic applications. To learn more about what Botox can do for you, please give us a call or ask us at your next visit.

 botox at the dental office
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