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2017 Spring Newsletter


Do you suffer from facial pain?

 Temporomandibular disorder and myofascial pain are two areas in dentistry that are often misdiagnosed and not appropriately treated. At Okanagan Dentistry we are excited that Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts has just completed a week long internship with Dr. Mervyn Gornitsky, the research director of the department of Dentistry at McGill’s Jewish General Hospital, focusing on treatment of atypical facial pain. Dr. Bose-Roberts is equipped to diagnose and treat TMD using non-invasive techniques with a novel protocol developed by Dr. Gornitsky. She is also now part of the research team investigating the transition from acute to chronic pain. If you suffer from facial pain, uncomfortable joint noises or functional discomfort call our office to discuss setting up a consultation with Dr. Bose-Roberts. She would be happy to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options with you!


Goodbye to Alisha

 We are very sad to say that Alisha, one of our superstar dental assistants, is leaving our practice to move closer to family in Oliver. Many of you have developed a great relationship with her and we have loved having her as a part of our team. She will be missed very much and we wish her all the best in her new adventure.



Introducing our new Curaprox system

 We are pleased to share with our patients a new development in dental hygiene that will make flossing an easier, more enjoyable experience. You may have had one of our hygienists introduce you to proxabrushes in the past, and those have been an excellent addition to our hygiene toolkit in the past. The down side of these brushes has been that they have not been very durable products and there are limited sizes available for varying patient needs.  There is a new interdental brush system now available called Curaprox. This Swiss system is both durable and customizable to each patient. It is a cost effective way to clean between your teeth in those hard to reach areas.  They are excellent for people who struggle with flossing daily.   Ask your hygienist next time you are in the office to give it a try!



 Presenting our winner!

 Congratulations to Wilf Akerlund, winner of our “Guess the Artist” contest!  He was very pleased to receive a Sonicare toothbrush as his prize.  Keep a look out for our next contest on Facebook.


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