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2017 Fall Newsletter

Congratulations Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts!

This September Tash married the man of her dreams, Tyler.  She is honeymooning in South America next month with her new husband.  If you have any travel tips or great advice for travelling South America, let her know at your next appointment.  We could not be happier for this couple...and of course their furry friend, Baxter.


The psychology of being a good “dental” parent

Bringing your child for dental treatment, whether a filling or tooth extraction, may be a scary thought for both parent and child. But, did you know your attitude towards dental care is often mimicked by your child, even if they have never had treatment before?  There are certain negative words such as “the needle” or “it won’t hurt very much” which can alter your child’s perception of their visit before and during treatment.  Focussing on positive words such as “fixing your tooth” or “making your teeth healthy” and trying to minimize your outward anxiety will greatly influence your child’s experience.  

We have written an info sheet for parents of children coming in for dental treatment that goes into more detail on this subject, which will hopefully contribute to a happy visit for all.  We are committed to ensuring your child has a great experience at our office!


Welcome Suzanne

We would like to introduce Suzanne to our team!  She is an amazing addition to our group of dental assistants, who make sure that all the little details are taken care of behind the scenes during your visit.  Suzanne’s charisma and amazing attitude are already getting her a lot of compliments from our patients.  She is looking forward to introducing herself next time you are in the office!



Gold crown “recycling” funds donated

Many of you know that (with your consent of course) at Okanagan Dentistry we recycle any old gold and other metals that may be removed from your mouth during your treatment.  One old crown isn’t worth much, but over time as we collect a lot of them we can get enough that it is worth recycling. We send all the scrap metal to an accredited metal recycling company and the funds are then donated to charity. 

The funds received from the recycler this year were donated to Hope Air (helping Canadians in remote areas access medical care) and BC Children's Hospital.  So, on behalf of all of us at Okanagan Dentistry we send out a great big “THANK YOU” to all our patients who have so generously donated to this charity metal recycling program at our office. Your old crowns really are making a difference helping others!

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