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2016 Summer Newsletter


Welcome Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts

Dr. Leitch and Dr. Wiens are pleased to welcome Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts, who will be coming home to Kelowna to join our team at Okanagan Dentistry in July.  As our dental practice continues to grow and evolve we have been looking for just the right dentist and you will see that Natashia is the perfect fit! As well as providing all aspects of general dentistry she is keen on creating fun, memorable dental visits for children, providing a calm and gentle experience for nervous patients, as well as treating patients with reduced mobility.  At your next visit to Okanagan Dentistry we will introduce you to Natashia...she can’t wait to meet you!



Kelowna Dentist Dr. Natashia Bose-Roberts



Crowns In A Day


In the last few months we have had a few patients asking about “one day crowns.” Often this type of service is marketed to people who may have limited time to get dental treatment. Although it may be appealing to have your crowns done in one day, we find that typically the quality of the crowns are not the same as those made at a dedicated ceramist.


Our practice uses Schell Dental Ceramics, an excellent local dental lab with a commitment to the highest quality in workmanship and materials. “One day crowns” that are made in the dental office are not held to the same standards. We have seen a large variation in quality of “crowns in a day” come into our office. We are very proud of the high quality crowns that we consistently provide working as a team with Jonathon and Jamie Schell. We promise you that we won’t compromise quality for time.

 Schell Dental Lab


Botox in the Dental Office

Did you know that Botox is not solely used for cosmetic purposes? It is also used for therapeutic uses in the dental office.  This natural, purified protein that acts to relax muscles has been in use for over 20 years and started out treating medical conditions.  Children’s Hospital has been using the muscle relaxing effects of Botox to help treat cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and infant hip disorders. During routine dental exams Dr. Leitch and Dr. Wiens see many patients who are dealing with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), chronic migraines, and jaw pain caused by clenching/grinding that could benefit from the muscle relaxing effects of Botox.  We are proud to now offer this service to our patients as we are always striving to improve your life through dentistry!


If you are interested in Botox for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, contact our office to book an appointment!

 Botox at Okanagan Dentistry

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