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2015 Summer Newsletter

Recycling Crowns for Charity  


Thank you to all of our patients who have generously donated their old crowns to be recycled. We appreciate you helping towards this fundraiser - it all adds up enabling us to help out various health related charities both in Kelowna and around the world. Because of you we have been able to make donations to the following charities this spring:


Kelowna Gospel Mission’s Dental Clinic

B.C. Children’s Hospital

Rotoplast (Rotary’s cleft palate mission to third world countries)

Kelowna Hospice

B.C. Cancer Association - Ride to Conquer



The Okanagan Sun and Your Skin


With many more hot summer days ahead of us, people are taking in a lot of sun! As dentists we examine the head and neck area regularly, which means we often notice facial skin lesions particularly on the lips, nose, and forehead. This has many times resulted in a potentially life saving referral to a skin specialist. Be sure to cover up while out in the sun, and use sunscreen!

We also examine the oral soft tissues for any signs of oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol are the two biggest risk factors for oral cancer in North America. If you are a smoker and you have any concerns about the health of your mouth and teeth please give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with an oral cancer examination.

Attention all Snorers! zzzzzz


Dental sleep appliances are currently one of the “buzz words” in dentistry. If you snore or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea we would be happy to help you, and can offer you some possible solutions. Often a very simple inexpensive oral appliance can work wonders to help you get a better night’s sleep….. Ian wears one - his wife can vouch for its effectiveness!


Winner of the Spring Easter Egg Guessing Contest!



Congratulations to Graeme Sandilands, the winner of our spring Easter egg contest! Graeme was only 4 eggs off with a guess of 477 eggs in the jar. The actual total was 473!



Come in and participate in our summer contest!


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